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Waiting time to register births rises to 12 weeks Cyberattack in May to blame for backlog in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow, says HSE There is a waiting time of up to 12 weeks for birth registrations to be processed in the east of the country, the Health Service Executive has said. Birth registration systems in the eastern registration region, which includes Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow , were “severely impacted” by the HSE cyberattack in May, it said. Civil registration staff have been working overtime while additional staff have also been recruited to help address the backlog. The online notification system for births from maternity hospitals has recently resumed and staff “are working hard to get through any resulting backlog as quickly as possible”, the HSE said. An Italian woman living with her husband in Saggart , west Dublin, who wished to remain anonymous, said she has been waiting two months to register the birth of their baby. She said she is unable to secure a passport for her son as a result, and hasn’t seen her family in Italy for two years. Decryption tool supply after HSE cyberattack likely gang ‘PR move’ “We’ve been sending emails, calling and even went to the office on Lombard Street but no luck. Nothing has been done,” the woman told The Irish Times. “Two months mightn’t seem like that much, but it is for me. I was supposed to go home at Christmas just to show my baby. It’s been two years now since we’ve been home and it looks like it’s not going to happen. “I can’t apply for either an Irish or an Italian passport without the birth cert. Last week I went to the office with my husband but the security guy said no we had to do it online. “I started crying because I couldn’t take it anymore. He felt a bit of pity so he managed to call somebody from inside. A girl came and we gave her the details. She said she would try and look into my application but the backlog was a lot.” The woman said she is “desperate” to see her family. “I have two grandmothers at home and all the time they’re saying, ‘I hope I will be alive to see the baby’. I would be heartbroken if they couldn’t see him. The baby is named after my grandpa, so it is a big thing for me,” she added. “I’m getting very frustrated.


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“We are keeping ahead of schedule,” said Rosatom, noting that installation of the slab was planned for October 2021 and the supply of components to the site and construction works is proceeding smoothly. During September 2021, full-scale application of integrated remote monitoring tools at the MBIR project will begin including high-resolution satellite imagery, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery and laser scanning. Rosatom said progress was made possible through the creation of a construction consortium for the MBIR project, which united highly professional contractors for all major types of work, and included representatives of the insurance, banking and leasing sectors. Rosatom Director General Alexei Likhachev also organised support from an All-Russian student construction team “Peaceful Atom-MBIR” at the site in Dimitrovgrad which ended with the installation of the floor slab. More than 200 students from 12 regions of Russia were involved. Under the leadership of the general contractor of the project and Rosatom’s strategic partner, Institute Orgenergostroy, young people in July and August were taught construction skills: they made concrete, ancillary, reinforcement, land, carpentry, carpentry and general construction work, and underwent engineering training. “It is not the first year that Rosatom has been initiating student construction projects and has been actively attracting the younger generation to construction projects in the nuclear industry,” said Milan Bratukhin, commander of the Peaceful Atom MBIR Air Force. “All our guys went through a fairly strict selection process (academic success, personal qualities, qualifications and experience of participating in student construction projects at other sites)….We have gained a unique experience of working on a construction site of world importance and, I am sure, will carry the memories of this summer through many years. I think that for some of the guys, thanks to the excellent organisation, this construction site will become the first step on the ladder to an interesting construction career." Rosatom is building the unique research facility MBIR as part of the comprehensive programme “Development of equipment, technologies and research in the field of atomic energy use in the Russian Federation”. To date, more than 1200 workers and engineering personnel have been mobilised at the NIIAR site, as well as more than 100  machines and other mechanisms. In total, for the third quarter of 2021, concreting of the main structures is planned totalling 19,229 cubic metres. At the moment, all work is on schedule. Especially complex projects for the production of works have been developed and agreed upon. The construction and installation work on the drainage pumping station and the installation of six drainage tanks for sodium circuits have already been completed. Other construction and installation work includes: the erection of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the reactor block up to +13,000 metres; construction work on the construction of the Main Building (ventilation system blocks, engineering support system blocks, emergency heat removal system blocks, steam generator block); erection of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the reactor shaft and preparation for the installation of the reactor shaft ceiling at an elevation of -4.65 metres; installation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the foundation slab of the Turbine block; work on the construction of a shelter for civil defence and emergency situations for 520 people; construction and installation work on the construction of a cooling tower, a chamber of drain gates and a closed channel for chilled water; work on the construction of a water treatment building, a fire-fighting pumping station, a process water supply pumping station, the diesel generator set of the autonomous power supply system and the diesel generator set of mobile electrified pumping stations; and a complex of construction and installation works for the erection of temporary buildings and structures. Earlier in August, Konstantin Vergazov, General Director of Leader of the Consortium MCI MBIR told the journal Construction in the Nuclear Industry that the synergy of scientists and builders was the key to the success of the MBIR project. “The builders of nuclear facilities bring into existence what began as a scientific idea and experimental design,” he said.

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